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rhinoplasty penang, Malaysia – The nose job surgery Procedure

The nose sits right in the middle of the face and is one of the most prominent features. It can be too large, too small, crooked, humped, hooked, too short, etc. Also, it may not breathe well when the inside wall (nasal septum) is crooked from an accident or in-born. Therefore Rhinoplasty Penang is one of the facial parts that gets a very high proportion of cosmetic facial surgery.

Among Asians, the most sought after nose surgery (rhinoplasty)  is the raising of the nasal bridge and sharpening of the nasal tip. This is done mostly with a solid silicone implant or/and cartilage implant. Nasal septal, ear or rib cartilage is commonly used where necessary.

The patient and surgeon must take care not to put an overly large or sharp implant in the nose for fear it can come through the skin. If it is well planned the implant can last a lifetime. 

As is true of all implants prevention of infection is highly important. So antibiotics are used before and after the operation. Expect bruising to last a few weeks and swelling to last a few months.