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Body procedures

It is possible to adjust our body appearance in many areas to reach our beauty goals.

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Facial procedures

The most common cosmetic procedures involve lifting of the eyelids, raising the height of the nose and removing wrinkles around the face.

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Breast procedures

For augmentation mammoplasty which primary goal is to increase the breast size and have implants in place under the tissue or muscles

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Dr. Danny Oh is a Malaysian Chinese born in and had his early education in Penang, Malaysia. He had a wonderful two years as a missionary teacher in Sarawak. The hospitable people in the longhouses and the beautiful butterflies he caught will always be remembered. From there he took the adventurous trip to the U.S.A. with a USD100 bill in his pocket and the determination to go through college and medical school in California. That was the only place he knew of being able to work and pay for his education. He ended up also finishing training in Family Practice Specialty, General Surgery Specialty, and Plastic Surgery Specialty. All told, he spent 27 years in the U.S. which included 12 years working as a plastic surgeon in private practice. He came home to Penang for good in 2003 and has enjoyed a prolific and satisfying practice of plastic surgery.

However, it is not just work and no play. He hikes three times a week and swims three times a week plus stays on a vegetarian diet to stay in tip-top condition. He also teaches and practices a holistic (balance of physical, mental, social, and spiritual) approach to life. The Christian values he holds leads him and his wife to be involved in charitable projects for the aged poor, poor families with young children. Unfortunate poor people with physical defects have enjoyed free service from Dr. Oh.

Dr. Oh values not only compassion and a healthy lifestyle. He observes keenly, the need for honesty, transparency, and fully informing his patients before treatment. He will not only advise a patient to do a needed surgery but is just as likely to advise a patient not to have surgery which will produce minimal results.  He enjoys earning a good living but he enjoys more the satisfaction that he has made a positive difference in someone else’s life.

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We are committed to patient safety, education and strive to provide a caring.

My mission is to deliver outstanding quality care and service as well as awesome aesthetic cosmetic surgery results to all of my patients. From your appointment to your final visit, I want my patients to feel at home. Comfortable just like they are in the company of a friend. Dr. Oh offers custom-designed treatment plans that address a wide range of concerns. If you are interested to learn more about Dr. Oh's services as a plastic surgeon, feel free to reach out.

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