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Dr. Oh Siew Leng, Danny

Tummy Tuck Penang, Malaysia

The protruding abdomen is a most common sight of those who develop the “middle-age spread”. Unfortunately, it is also common among women who after pregnancy and delivery of the baby have a weakness in the abdominal muscles (“diastasis”). Also, they may have severe stretch marks that make them very self-conscious. Those patients who benefit the most from a tummy tuck (“abdominoplasty”) are the ladies with severe stretch marks and diastases who do not have too much fat around the intestines.

Those who have a lot of fat around the intestines and comparatively tight abdominal skin will not get a significant slimming of the abdomen with a tummy tuck. This is true of many men. 

Tummy TUCK Penang Surgical procedure

Tummy Tuck Penang MalaysiaThe excess skin is marked out with the patient standing. Generally, all the skin from the belly button to the pubic hairline and from hip bone to hip bone is marked as a big ellipse for removal. The belly button is not removed. The skin above the belly button is loosened with undermining. The abdominal muscles are then tightened from side to side making the abdomen flat. The skin above the belly button is pulled over the belly button and stitched to the remaining pubic hairline skin. The belly button is made to come out from a small opening of the skin that was pulled over it. There is usually very little bleeding because a local anesthetic with dilute adrenaline is injected into the skin and fat before beginning the surgery.

Most patients stay a few nights in the hospital after surgery because of the tight belly that makes it difficult to walk upright for about a week. 

All patients are encouraged and helped to walk the first day after surgery to prevent developing blood clots in their leg and pelvic veins. Also, the first day after surgery they can shower. There is no need to abstain from foods but it is good to abstain from cigarettes a couple of weeks before surgery and after surgery.