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Transgender Top Surgery in Malaysia

Transgender Surgery  

There is a sizable number of men and women who feel that they are trapped in the body of the wrong sex. This makes them feel so terrible that they suffer from the medical condition called “gender dysphoria”. They want to change their bodies to that of the other sex. Commonly they take hormones regularly to develop the sexual characteristics they want but they go on to surgery to be able to feel really transformed.

These are people who are normal in every other way and who do not wish for other people to share in the way they feel. They do not feel attracted to the same sex because of homosexuality but because they do not feel they are the same sex as the persons they are attracted to. They are not homosexuals. 

On the other hand, homosexuals are happy with their looks and do not want to change their bodies. So they do not suffer from gender dysphoria as transgenders do.

Gender affirmation surgery

“Top surgery”

Transgenders want to change the most obvious top part of their body which bothers them greatly—the chest. For those born females they want their breasts removed. Those whose breasts are not overly large can have their breast tissue removed through a “keyhole” incision on the lower edge of the areola which becomes very difficult to see in a few months. The remaining loose skin shrinks well and they look like they have a normal male chest. Those who have large breasts need to have excess skin and breast tissue removed (“double incision” surgery).  The large drooping nipple is made small and implanted as a nipple graft onto the chest wherein the nipple should be in a male chest.

The males who want to look female can have breast implants just like women who have small breasts made bigger. 


“Bottom surgery”

The bottom genitalia of males and females are more difficult to transform to that of the other sex. There are far fewer surgeons well-trained to do this type of surgery. Patients must carefully choose surgeons based on their training and experience to get good results with surgery. 

Other surgeries

Other surgeries include shaving of Adam’s apple in males to make their necks look more female. 

Another commonly done surgery is to narrow the more squarish lower jaw of the male and nose made smaller so his face is slimmer like a female’s. On the other hand, females desire to make their jaws and noses look more masculine with solid silicone implants.