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Dr. Oh Siew Leng, Danny


The face is very prominent and can be subject to many causes of scars. Acne is one of the most common causes. Accidents would be the next most common. 

When the scar parallels the direction of normal facial wrinkles it is not easily seen. However, when the scar crosses the normal facial wrinkles it is easy to see its ugliness.

There are several ways to improve the scar even if it is impossible to remove all of it. 

  1. Cut out the ugly scar and stitch back carefully to prevent it looking as bad. 
  2. “Sandpaper” (dermabrasion)  the scar to blur it—useful for shallow and flat scar.
  3. Cut out the scar with a saw-tooth pattern. Sand the edges and then stitch back carefully.
  4. Laser treatment of the prominent, raised, red scar.

After any treatment it takes time for the scar to look its best. 6 months is a good time period to await the final result of the scar treatment.