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Dr. Oh Siew Leng, Danny


“Botox” is actually the brand name for the medical product made from botulinum A, a toxin which paralyses nerves that make muscles move. Don’t panic from knowing that it is a toxin. It has been used medically for the last 27 years successfully. Used in very small quantities its ability to paralyze muscles can be put to good use. It is similar to using anesthetic gases which in large amounts are toxic, but when in small amounts they give wonderful anesthesia. It is, therefore, very important to use botulinum A from a reliable source that standardizes the concentration and accurately measures it out for use. Don’t use the product made in some uncertified laboratory which can poison the patient with an overdose. 

It was used to treat involuntary facial spasm and hoarseness from overactive nerves. From the success there it was then applied to over active muscles of the face.  The most popular areas of the face to be treated are the “crow’s feet” around the eyes, the horizontal forehead wrinkles and the short vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows above the nose. 

Nowadays, it is also used to shrink the jaw muscles that are overgrown, stop sweating of the palms of the hands and the armpits, lessen migraine headaches, reduce the overactive bladder, straighten crossed eyes. 

Botox is NOT a filler which fills wrinkles and smoothens it. It paralyses the muscles for 3-4 months duIing which time the muscles that cause wrinkles stop working and the wrinkles disappear. If you have a depression in your face don’t expect Botox to fill it up. You need to inject a filler into the depression such as hyaluronic acid or your own body fat.

Botox/botulinum A is a wonderful quick fix for facial wrinkles that will help you look relaxed and younger within 3-7 days of the injections and keep looking good for 3-4 months.