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Dr. Oh Siew Leng, Danny

One of the most important features of the human face is its eyes. However, it is the surrounding eyelids that give expression and beauty to the eyes. 

  • “Double eyelid”: the upper eyelids in most Caucasian eyes have a crease several millimeters above the eyelashes lending the effect of larger eyes. The Oriental upper eyelid quite often is missing this crease and looks bulging and makes the eye look smaller. 

Excess skin and fat are removed and stitching is done to create a permanent crease of the eyelid. 

Double Eyelids Malaysia SURGERY | PENANG

A less common way of creating the crease is to use stitches alone through the upper eyelid. A disadvantage of this method is that occasionally the crease disappears after some months. 

For the older person, as the upper eyelid skin droops with gravity the excess skin and fat can be removed and the eye will look larger and more attractive. This procedure is called “Upper Blepharoplasty”.


  • double eyelids penangLower eyelid “ bags”: the fat cushion that the eyeball sits on within the eye socket gets pushed out over the years. The protrusion of the fat creates the shape of a mini-handbag. The skin over the bag is also stretched and wrinkled. The corrective surgery, called “lower blepharoplasty” removes both the excess skin and fat and smooths the lower lids so they look more youthful.

Be sure to talk to your surgeon so you fully understand the procedures and possible rare complications.