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Dr. Oh Siew Leng, Danny

Fat Injection to face

Our body fat is one of the most useful “materials” in the body. It is now used as a filler in just about everywhere in the body that needs some augmentation. It is our own flesh and has no bad side effects in most cases. 

Fat is used to fill up lines on the face when we are not moving(static lines). It is used to fill out a depression on any part of the body. It is also used for enlarging lips and breasts. When injected under burn scars it makes them soft and look better. 

It is important to note that the fat that is sucked out has many broken fat cells that will not survive and become absorbed. So fat injections may look too much initially after injection but will shrink by 50% or more. This is an expected result ant several episodes of fat injection may be needed to achieve the desired results. 


( Robin, I don’t see slide no. 39 from the “Healthy & Beautiful” slides I sent you by WeTransfer on 27 May 2021. It is about Facial Scars).